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On Friday nights we gather in the homes of our believers to systematically study God’s word through reading Scripture and group discussion. Contact us for the location of our next Bible Study. It is a great introduction to the family atmosphere we strive to create within our congregation.


Join us for Worship and the Word every Sunday at 10:00 AM 


The first Saturday of every month is devoted to a time of fasting, prayer, and learning from Scripture. We meet from 2 PM-5 PM in our Main Sanctuary, and we spend time in song and prayer before hearing God’s Word from our fellow Believers. We accept that God speaks to each of his Believers, and each person has something to teach the church. We use this time to encourage and edify each other while dedicating ourselves to God. 


“Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.” Mark 10:14

We truly believe that children are the future of God’s Kingdom. We value and cherish each child that walks through our doors, and believe that each of them already has a unique relationship with God. We plant the seed of God’s Word in young hearts through music, art, dance, drama, reading, writing, and memorization of Scripture. We believe that kids learn in all ways, and we strive to meet each child’s needs through creative and dynamic teaching.

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